Raad: National Unity Gov’t A Must

mohamad raadHead of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Mohammad Raad stressed Sunday that Lebanon’s interest requires today the restore to cohesion and taking the advantage of past mistakes to form a new government.

He further added that some are provoked and alerted from the national unity government and the third guarantor.
During a memorial ceremony in the Southern town, Adchit, Raad said: We insist to form a national partnership cabinet that respects all sides’ sizes and rights.
“We insist on running the country from the aspect of national interest,” he added.
Raad stressed that the national interest is not decided by any party itself, but the parties together.
In parallel, he called on Prime Minister-Designate Tamman Salam as well as other concerned persons to take their time in order to form a cabinet capable of carrying out its duties in the upcoming critical stage.
“This country is fed up from the expectations of negative consequences, and if we did not have a government capable of dealing with them competently and in good policy; these repercussions may destroy every Lebanese accomplishment in the last period,” Raad confirmed.


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