The Infant Procession In Support of Imam Hussein (AS)

leb azadariSayyed al-Shuhada complex in Beirut’s Dahiyeh (Southern Suburb) was packed with mothers who came along with their infants wearing green coffins on Firday, to take part in the event organized by Hizbullah as part of the Ashoura ceremonies.

This particular event is to condole Imam Hussein and all Prophet Mohammad’s house hold, for the martyrdom of Abdullah the infant.

Abdullah, son of Imam Hussein, was killed between the hands of his father, while his father was seeking some water for him to drink.

The procession is majorly of feeding infants, in remembrance of Abdullah known as Ali Asghar (AS).

The annual procession that began in 2003 is participated by children whose age is between one month to three years, and is held in the Holy shrines in Iran and Iraq as well.

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