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14 Kurdish Protesters Killed in Turkey

Police used live bullets on Tuesday evening during clashes with Kurdish protesters in the Turkish province of Adana, according to the Dogan news agency.

Footage released by the news agency showed dozens of protesters clashing with police officers in the city.
98 people were detained and 30 people were injured, including 8 police officers – during clashes in and around Istanbul on Tuesday, the Istanbul Governorship said in a news release early on Wednesday.
The protesters are demanding that Turkey offer more help to the besieged Kurdish forces struggling to hold onto Kobani, a strategic Syrian town near the Turkish border.
Turkey’s president says the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani is “about to fall” as ISIS fighters press home a three-week assault that has cost a reported 400 lives and forced thousands to flee their homes.
Kurdish communities across Europe took to the streets calling for greater military support for Kurdish forces in the Syrian town of Kobani.
Kurdish protesters force their way into the European Parliament in Brussels, part of Europe-wide demonstrations against the ISIS advance on Syrian-Turkish border.
Around 100 Kurdish protesters blocked the rails inside Hamburg’s main train station late on Tuesday afternoon.
The peaceful protest interrupted the train schedule for one hour, after which the activists were guided out of the main train station by police officers in riot gear.
In France hundreds of Kurdish, Armenian, Christian and Jewish protesters gathered outside the French National Assembly to demand that the international community provide greater military and humanitarian aid.
Outgunned Kurdish fighters struggling to defend the town of Kobani toward ISIS group have relentlessly shelled and entered the town.
The Kurds of Syria and Iraq have become a major focal point in the war against the ISIS group, with Kurdish populations in both countries coming under significant threat by the militants’ lightning advance.


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