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Human Rights: UAE Continues to Detain 11 Activists

Human rights activists have denounce absence of justice in the UAE, imposed by the tyranny of the ruling regime and its gross violations of human rights, especially with regard to prisoners.

In a tweet, Emirati human rights activist, Abdullah Al-Taweel, said that “the UAE regime continues to detain 11 Emirati prisoners based on malicious cases. The judiciary has sentenced them to unfair sentences despite the end of their sentences.”

Al-Taweel explained that they are placed in the so-called illegal “counseling centers” and haggle over going out for a televised interview in order to indict themselves in exchange for their release.

The Emirates Center for Studies and Information (EMASC) previously said that the UAE regime uses the so-called “counseling centers” as a means of revenge against prisoners of conscience in light of their continued detention despite the end of their sentences.

During the past weeks, organizations and people of UAE demanded the authorities to release the detainees in the authority’s counseling centers and in the rest of the prisons, with the increasing number of Coronavirus infections in Al Wathba Prison. While the State Security Service refused to release them and the authorities refused to comment on the matter.


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