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President Assad makes public appearance after Syria wildfires

President Bashar al Assad completed his tour around regions affected by the fires that lately erupted in a number of provinces and their countryside

The president was briefed by citizens of Mashta al-Hilo in Tartous countryside about the extent of damages that affected their lands, and what they have of proposals and concepts that would be applied by the State institutions to be able to overcome the impacts of those fires.

President al-Assad stressed the importance of the collective work during this period that would be positively reflected on all the families, not on the individual level only.

During the tour, the President met a number of the civil defense members positioned in the region, affirming that the Syrian people appreciate the efforts they have exerted to put out fires that erupted in several Syrian villages and cities, adding that their courage and hard-working, in cooperation with heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and families have lessened and limited the huge losses that could result by the extension of fires to the residential areas.

In al-Anazeh town in Banyas region, the citizens talked about the losses which have affected their villages and about their determination to re-plant what has been devoured by fires.

President al-Assad affirmed that the fires have caused a lot of damages, but they hadn’t broken the will of Syrians in life.


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