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Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attack with artillery Qaz’ali village

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist groups have continued their attacks with artillery on residential areas as they shelled Qaz’ali village, west of Tal Abyad city, in Raqqa far northern countryside.

Local sources said that a number of artillery shells fired by the Turkish occupation forces and terrorist groups operating under their command, landed on the outskirts of Qaz’ali village in Tal Abyad area in the vicinity of the Turkish borders, causing material damage to the place.

The Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries on Sunday attacked with artillery the villages of al-Nuwaihat and Qabir Khadrawi and the vicinity of Abu Rasen town, to the east of Ras al-Ain city in Hasaka northwestern countryside.

Since the beginning of their aggression on Syrian territories in October last year and their occupation of a number of villages, towns and cities, the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations have taken these occupied areas as a starting point to carry out their continued attacks on civilians as they displaced thousands of them and they have stolen and looted their properties.


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