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ISIS Throw a Man, Stoned him Death; Flogging 2 other

The photos show moment a man is thrown from a roof by ISIS terrorist group only to be stoned to death. Eleven men – one waving a black flag, the symbol of ISIS – watch from the roof of the building, having committed the dreadful act.

A group of men then queue up to throw stones at the doomed man, who lies broken on the floor, unable to defend himself.

The killing, in Raqqa, Syria, was watched by a large crowd of men, including a couple holding large guns.

Meanwhile, other pictures have emerged of two men being whipped by ISIS member.

The two men, who are dressed in what look like prison jumpsuits, are beaten as another crowd watches on in the heart of the city.

With their hands bound, it appears they manage to stand tall as they withstand the painful punishment.


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