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Syria urges global action against Turkey ‘aggression’

Syria has called upon the United Nations to adopt a “prompt and decisive action” against what it described as the Turkish government’s aggression against the crisis-hit Arab country.

In separate letters sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN Security Council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry urged the world body to press Ankara to tighten its control of Turkey’s borders with Syria.

The letters were sent in the wake of a recent video released online by a Turkish opposition newspaper purportedly showing Turkish state intelligence agency (MIT) helping send weapons to Takfiri militants in Syria.

The Syrian ministry further described the international community’s silence over what it called Turkish crimes as tacit support for terrorism, which will culminate in further deterioration of the Syrian crisis and provides a cover for anti-Damascus terrorist groups to commit more atrocities against Syrians.

On May 29, center-left Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet posted on its website a video, allegedly showing trucks belonging to MIT being inspected by security officers.

The inspectors then spot cardboard boxes inside the metallic container with the “fragile” marking on them. They open the boxes, but find a considerable amount of munitions hidden in crates below boxes of medicine.

Cumhuriyet said the trucks were carrying around 1,000 mortar shells, hundreds of grenade launchers and more than 80,000 rounds of ammunition for light and heavy weapons.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that a “heavy price” is looming for Cumhuriyet over publishing the video footage.

In another report on Friday, Cumhuriyet accused the country’s authorities and intelligence agency of helping smuggle the ISIL and other Takfiri terrorists into Syria from Turkish soil.

On Thursday, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said his Turkish counterpart and his government are using terrorism as a tool against the Syrian nation.

Ankara has been among the main supporters of Takfiri terrorists wreaking havoc on Syria since March 2011. The violence has reportedly claimed the lives of over 220,000 people so far.

Turkey and the United States have signed a deal to train and arm the anti-Damascus Takfiris. The program, which officially started earlier this month, is aimed at training over 15,000 militants in three years. Over 120 US soldiers are reportedly in Turkey to train the militants.


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