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Air strike kills ISIL takfiri leader in Syria

A senior ISIL takfiri leader has been killed in a coalition air strike in Syria, the US Department of Defense announces.

Tariq bin Tahar al-Awni al-Harzi, who raised funds, recruited fighters and provided the Takfiri terrorists with weapons, was killed in the northern city of Shaddadi on June 16, Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said on Thursday.

His brother Ali, who served as an ISIL recruiter and person of interest in the 2012 Benghazi attack on US consulate, was also killed in an air strike in Iraq a day earlier.

Harzi was “responsible for moving people and material into Syria and Iraq” and also raised money to recruit fighters and facilitate their travels.

He also supported the ISIL group by supplying and shipping weapons from Libya to Syria.

In addition, he helped with suicide attacks and according to the Pentagon, his death was a significant blow to the ISIL group.

“His death will impact ISIL’s ability to integrate foreign terrorist fighters into the Syrian and Iraqi fight as well as to move people and equipment across the border between Syria and Iraq,” Davis said.

The ISIL, which currently controls parts of Syria and neighboring Iraq, has carried out crimes such as public decapitations and crucifixions against all ethnic and religious groups, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Izadi Kurds and others.

According to the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 3,000 executions have been carried out by ISIL in Syria since last June. About 80 of those executed are said to have been children.


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