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Resistance Retrieves Bodies of Its Martyrs in Aleppo Southern Countryside

The Islamic resistance managed on Monday to retrieve the bodies of its martyrs in the town of Tal Hamam (Pigeon hill) in the south eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Among the bodies was that of Martyr Leader Ali Fayyad (Haj Alaa), aka Alaa of Bosnia.

The operation, which began Sunday overnight, was led by special forces of the Islamic resistance and the Syrian army.

Martyr Ali Fayyad was martyred last week in the ongoing clashes with Syrian terrorists on the Athrayya-Khanasser road in rural Aleppo, according to reports.

He’s one of the first cohorts of the resistance. He participated in a number of qualitative operations, and was sent to Bosnia in the nineties of the last century, to organize the ranks of the Bosnian Serb fighters in the face of Serb attack.

Fayyad then returned to Lebanon and participated in the most prominent operations prior to the liberation of the South from the Israeli occupation.

And with the resistance taking part in the Syrian war, he received numerous responsibilities, notably in the eastern Ghouta, Daraa, Lattakia and Aleppo, and was wounded in the past five years seven times, media reports said.


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