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Syria truce violated 31 times in three days: Russia

Russia has announced that a truce it engineered with the United States for Syria has been violated on numerous occasions after it took effect.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that the ceasefire agreement in Syria has been violated 31 times over the past three days.

Zakharova did not specify which side of the conflict in Syria had broken the truce reached last week and agreed by the Syrian government and some militant groups.

The Russian official, who was speaking at her weekly briefing, said Moscow has informed a Jordan-based US group responsible for truce monitoring of the violations.

The tentative truce, which officially began on February 27, is generally holding across Syria although both the government and its opponents have reported minor breaches.

Zakharova denied speculation that the truce in Syria will only last for two weeks.

“This is untrue. We draw your attention to the fact that we’re not talking about a two-week timeframe for the cessation of hostilities, but the truce will not be limited in time,” she said, adding that reaching an agreement on truce has cost Moscow and other sides “lots of efforts.”

Zakharova once more warned the US about its obligations under the truce agreement in Syria. She said speaking about the potential failure of the ceasefire and the so-called alternative solutions could have serious consequences for Syria, including the disintegration of the Arab country.

“We hope that all statements made by senior officials in Washington on some sort of a ‘plan B’, or any other alternative for Syria … remain just words,” Zakharova said, adding, “We call on our US partners to adhere to their obligations.”


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