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Second Column of Syrian Special Forces, Several Russian T90 Tanks Arrive in Aleppo

Commandos of the Desert Hawks Brigade along with a supply of TOW missiles and several T90 tanks arrived in the Northern province of Aleppo to join other army units in the fierce battle against against the terrorist groups in the region, military sources said Tuesday.

“This is the second convoy of the Syrian Special Forces, also known as Liwa Suqour al-Sahra, that has arrived in Aleppo this week,” the sources said.

“The Deseret Hawks Brigade forces will join their comrades to strengthen the army forces’ combat capabilities,” they added.

“Simultaneous with the arrival of the Syrian Special Forces, a number of the Syrian Army’s T90 tanks arrived in Aleppo battlefields,” the sources said.

Military sources said on Monday that Commander of the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces Colonel Suheil al-Hassan and a large number of his fighters had arrived in Aleppo to join other army units and popular forces in the war against Jeish al-Fatah terrorists,

“A long column of military vehicles carrying hundreds of Tiger Forces and missile systems arrived in Aleppo city on Sunday,” the sources said, adding, “Several advanced Russia-made tanks have also accompanied the Tiger Forces.”

“The Tiger Forces and the commandoes of the Desert Hawks Brigade, backed up by Syrian choppers, are due to launch joint offensives in Aleppo in the next few days,” added the sources.


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