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Syria: Gov’t Forces in Control of 65 Percent of Eastern Aleppo Now

Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces are now in control of some 65 percent of Eastern Aleppo territories after weeks of non-stop clashes against Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups, Damascus said Monday.

The Syrian government’s War Information Center, Elam al-Harbi, reported that government troops have liberated the entire neighborhoods in Northeastern Aleppo and captured a number of districts in the South-East, extending their rule over some 65 percent of entire Eastern Aleppo.

The army managed to win back the districts and neighborhoods of Hanano Housing Project, Jabal Badrou, Ard al-Hamra, al-Heidariyeh, Bostan al-Pasha, Sheikh Khedher, Shiekh Fares, al-Halak, al-Sakhour, Ba’eidin, al-Nazarat, Youth Housing Complex, Tariq al-Bab, Karam al-Tarab, Karam al-Jazmati, Karam al-Qaterji, Karam al-Maysar, Karam al-Tahan, several squares and key heights, the graveyard and residential units in recent weeks.

The army men continued their advances and opened their way into al-Sha’ar district this afternoon after laying a brief siege on the militants.

Field sources said that al-Sha’ar seems to fall to the army in coming hours help the government forces come closer to Aleppo Citadel and the old neighborhoods of the city.

Sources in militant-held districts of Eastern Aleppo disclosed on Monday that Jeish al-Fatah has arrested a large number of its militants after they attempted to escape their areas to surrender themselves to the government forces.

The sources said that after devastating advances of the Syrian army and popular forces in Eastern Aleppo, a large number of militants, who wanted to leave the city and surrender themselves to the government forces, have been captured by their commanders and hardliners of Jeish al-Fatah.

“Members of the Aleppo Command Council have arrested a number of Jeish al-Islam militants on charges of escaping war, but Jeish al-Islam’s commander Soheib has managed to flee,” they added.

The Aleppo Command Council also seized the field commander, Omar Qasoumeh who intended to surrender to the Syrian Army along with 150 of his troops.

Local sources had disclosed earlier that Jeish al-Fatah has dispatched a large number of those in its prisons, including the old Aleppo prison, to the frontline.


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