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Turkey wants safe evacuation of militants from allepo

On Monday, Syrian soldiers forced the militants out of six of Aleppo’s residential districts after seizing the key Sheikh Saeed neighborhood on the city’s southeastern outskirts.

The Syrian military has said it is in the “final phase” of fully liberating the city. The liberation of the city will deal the worst blow to the foreign-backed militants since they took up arms in Syria in 2011.

Locals have, meanwhile, been celebrating the city’s imminent liberation on the streets. There have been reports that the remaining pockets of militants in Aleppo have set up checkpoints to stop civilians from leaving the city.

Turkey has been supporting anti-Damascus militants during the course of the Syrian conflict. It is accused of providing safe passage into and out of Syria for Daesh terrorists operating in the Arab country. However, in the wake of a failed coup in Turkey in July, Ankara has been tilting toward Moscow.


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