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Syrian army in full control of eastern Aleppo: Russia

The Syrian military has wrested full control of the militant-held eastern Aleppo, scoring a major victory against terrorists in the strategic northwestern city, Russia says.

“The operation by the Syrian army aimed at liberating the militant-controlled neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo has been completed,” Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Reconciliation in Syria said in a statement on Friday.

Syrian government forces “continue to eliminate isolated pockets of militant resistance” in eastern Aleppo, the statement read.

It further noted that more than 9,500 people, including over 4,500 militants and 337 wounded, have been taken out of eastern Aleppo.

All women and children have been evacuated, but in some parts of the city, “there are still groups of militants from radical and irreconcilable gangs, who are firing at Syria troops,” it added.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the suspension, saying, meanwhile, that terrorist groups such as Ahrar al-Sham “have prevented buses and ambulances from entering Fuaa and Kafraya, despite pledging … that they would let the evacuation go ahead.” The two government-held villages, situated in Idlib province, are under militant siege.


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