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Russian bombers hit Daesh arms depot in eastern Syria

Russia’s military says its warplanes have pounded several targets of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr, inflicting heavy damage on the terrorists’ arsenal in the region.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense made the announcement on Friday, adding that its Tupolev Tu-22 M3 bombers “successfully” carried out the anti-terror mission, destroying Daesh’s ammunition and arms depot in the province.

the long-range bombers dropping their payloads on the Takfiris’ positions. The bombers were supported by Su-30SM and a Su-35S fighter jets throughout the operation, the ministry added.

The ministry also said that based on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to scale down the military’s presence in Syria, Russian MiG-29 fighter jets and Sukhoi Su-33 — the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier’s air wing — had returned to an airbase in Severomorsk, in Russia’s northern Murmansk province on Friday, after finishing their operations in Syria. The Ka-50 Black Shark choppers were also expected to return on Saturday, it added.


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