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Syria: Popular Meeting in Daraa Denounces Anti-Islam Film

sham protest anti islam movA popular meeting held in Daraa on Thursday with the participation of Christian and Islamic clergymen, social figures and youths during which the participants denounced the anti-Islam film made in the US.
The participants focused on the national unity and the need to begin a comprehensive national reconciliation.
Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party branch in Daraa, Hussein al-Refaei stressed that Syria will come out of the crisis stronger thanks to the awareness of its people and the sacrifices of its army and their rallying around their leadership.
He stressed the important role of clergymen in spreading amity and tolerance among people to ward off some regional and western countries’ attempts to sow sedition.
Al-Refaei added that attempts to distort the Islamic religion and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) constitute a part of the Zionist projects under the wing of the US and the West.
For his part, the Islamic preacher Hussein Mustafa said that the film aimed at offending Islam and Muslims to creat a gap between religions over the world.
In turn, Sheikh Zaidan al-Ghazali called for restoring amity and fraternity between the Syrians to overcome small conflicts, stressing the importance of dialogue and national reconciliation between all Syrians.
He stressed that there were calls, since the beginning of the crisis, to engage in a constructive dialogue that helps solving all problems without any foreign intervention.
Mufti of Daraa and Sweida, Sheikh Rezq Aba Zaid said that the anti-Islam film is part of a whole scheme to inflame hatred between Muslims, adding that the film constitutes an offense to Prophet Mohammad as well as the Muslims all over the world.
In turn, Father Jerjous Rezq called for good deeds instead of destroying what has been laid as a foundation for a strong and modern Syria.
Rezq condemned the film which offends Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), indicating that all Christians in Syria reject such act.

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