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Al-Mikdad: US Recognition of Opposition to Add Nothing

al mikedSenior Syrian government officials said Thursday that the recognition of the opposition coalition as the legitimate government by the US and many other countries would not change the situation on the ground.
-reuters.jpgIn an interview with “The Independent”, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal al-Mikdad, said that “foreign countries were recognizing an artificial structure, a structure that will help promote the objectives of the US and European countries in Syria.”
Mikdad’s assertion that the opposition coalition had been created by the US and was unrepresentative was echoed in a separate interview by the Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi.

In parallel, he said that the US move was rather as if Syria “had recognized Liverpool Football Club as the sole representative of the British people while in fact it represented very little”.
“I assure you this move by the US will not add anything,” said al-Mikdad. “It is mere propaganda and psychological warfare directed against the Syrians and the Syrian government and is aimed at encouraging those armed groups that have been unable to achieve any real progress in Syria.”

The Syrian top official further stated that “in any case armed actions did not give those who carried them out legitimacy and just meant there were terrorist groups which should have been fought against by Europe and the United States”.
“It is too late, too small,” said al-Mikdad. “We believe they should have condemned all those who are carrying arms against a legitimate government. They should tell their friends to refrain from supporting terrorism in Syria.”

He also highlighted that the Syrian regime carries daily conversations with their Russian counterparts. On the rumors about Syria’s spokesperson Jihad Makdissi’s defection, Mikdad said: “He did not disappear. He is on release for three months and he’s enjoying his time, I hope.”
“For this moment, until now, he is still spokesman,” said al-Mikdad. “We did not take any other decision. It is said he is in Beirut.”


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