Shia delegation meets Interior Minister to seek end to discrimination

High level delegation comprising senior Shia Islamic scholars called on Federal Minister for Interior Affairs to apprise him of grievances of the community.
Most importantly, they complained to the Interior Minister Ijaz Shah against discriminatory anti-Shia policy of the previous PMLN government.

Notably, they told him that ex-interior minister and in particular ex-Punjab minister for Law and Home victimised Shia Muslims.

Furthermore, they said, biased officials had named many law-abiding peaceful Shia notables in fourth schedule to please banned outfits. However, they said placing banned outfits people in fourth schedule remains justified but equating law-abiding Shias makes it controversial.

Moreover, they said called the condition to seek permission from police or administration for Majalis in Imam Bargahs as discriminatory. He said since nobody is required to seek permission for prayers in mosques then why permission for congregations in Imam Bargahs?

Meanwhile, they also complained that former setup had registered cases against Shia Muslims for Majalis in Imam Bargahs. They said police made many arrests under said charges during tenure of past government.

Therefore, they asked minister Ijaz Shah he must end that discriminatory and biased anti-Shia policy. They cited that Shia Muslims make 30 percent of total population of Pakistan and government must not deny them their inalienable rights.

Moreover, they said Shia Muslims need more mosques and Imam Bargahs due to increase in their population. Therefore, government needs to end ban on new azadari processions, congregations, Shia mosques and Imam Bargahs.

Renowned Shia notables also condemned Defence Housing Authority (DHA) for having mosques of all sects excluding Shia Muslims. They demanded handover of Shia mosque in DHA Lahore forthwith.

They also demanded all facilities for Shia Zaireen (pilgrims) particularly on Taftan border and smooth travelling without forced stay.

Most importantly, delegation included Mohammad Hussain Akbar and Al-Haj Makhdoom Syed Tariq Abbas Shah of Shah Shams Tarbriz shrine Multan.

Furthermore, it had prayers leader Amir Hamza Mosque Lahore Allama M Rasheed Turabi, Al-Haj Makhdoom S Ali Raza Gardezi, Al-Haj Makhdoom S Hasan Raza Gardezi of Multan.

Others included: Tehreek-e-Hussainia Pakistan’s president and Jamia Baqirul Uloom Lahore principal Allama Rai Zafar Ali, Maulana Mujahid Hussain Kazmi and Abbas Mujtaba Zaidi.

Pir Syed Sadiq Hyder Kirmani of Okara also joined them in the meeting.

Shia meets Ijaz Shah


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