Protest against enforced disappearance of Shias to continue: leaders decide

Shia parties’ leaders met in Lahore under the aegis of ISO Pakistan to discuss the issue of enforced disappearance of Shia notables.

Most importantly, Imamia Students Organisation hosted the huddle in the wake of uncalled for, undeclared and illegal detention of Shia notables.

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Representatives from Jamiatul Muntazir, Imamia Organisation, MWM and the host party attended the meeting.

There, they decided that the protest movement for immediate release of enforced disappeared innocent Shia notables would continue.

Furthermore, MWM leader Nasir Abbas Shirazi briefed the meeting on his party’s efforts regarding the issue.

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Apart from him, ISO CP Qasim Shamsi elaborated the entire issue. Notably, he told them that the enforced disappeared victims included notables such as Engr Mumtaz Rizvi, lawyer Yafis Hashmi and scholar and social worker such as Zaheeruddin Babar.

Therefore, meeting decided that they would join and continue the protest movement till the release of last innocent person.


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