Pakistan government condemns Israel for killing of Palestinians

Pakistan government condemns Israel for killing of Palestinians. Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in this regard.

Pakistan government condemns Israel

“Pakistan condemns the killing of so many unarmed and innocent Palestinians in military strikes by the occupying Israeli forces.”

International community urged

The statement further said that the international community has the obligation to take cognizance of these aggressive actions.

Violation of humanitarian law

Moreover, Foreign Office also cited Israeli aggressive actions in violation of international law and international humanitarian law.

Pakistan’s Palestine policy

“Pakistan believes that a permanent solution of the Palestinian issue lies in the establishment of a viable, independent and contiguous state of Palestine.”

However, it also added that state the basis of internationally agreed parameters, the pre-1967 borders, and with Al-Quds Al Sharif as its Capital.

Pakistani nation rejects Jewish state

Notably, ancestors of people of present day Pakistan also had turned down the idea of Jewish State in Palestine.

Because, Palestine has remained Arab majority land.

Founding fathers of Pakistan too didn’t recognise state of Israel since the day one.

Palestine Foundation

Representatives from various political and religious parties have joined the Palestine Foundation Pakistan’s patron committee.

They continue to keep the issue alive in Pakistani society although almost all major parties agree with their policy.

Besides, many other organisations observe Quds Day to condmen Israel as a fake state.


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