Pakistan rejects US official statement against CPEC project

Pakistan rejects US official statement against CPEC project as Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi reiterated government position on it.

While talking to reporters in Multan, Qureshi said that Pakistan does not agree with the US views.

He cited the US diplomat Alice Wells statement and replied that the US statement on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would have no impact on the project.

Unfortunately, Wells had spoken on the issue which amounts to direct meddling into bilateral relations of Pakistan and China. Specially, she interfered into internal matters of Pakistan through that statement.

Shockingly, her assertion implied blackmail or threat to Pakistan because she suggested Pakistan should prefer US to China.

Pakistan rejects US official statement

However, FM Qureshi made clear: Pakistan does not agree with that view and we have rejected that view.

Furthermore, he referred that Pakistan’s total debt burden stood at $74 billion of which CPEC amounted $4.9bn.


The US administration has remained against the project from the day one.

However, Pakistan government has been turning down US policy against the CPEC project.

But, United States administration continues to hamper the game changer project through its lobby in Pakistan.

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Pakistan rejects US statement against CPEC and China


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