ISIL formally announces its presence in Pakistan and Afghanistan

CIA-established and CIA-Mossad-SF-trained Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has formally announced its presence in Pakistan and Afghanistan which the notorious takfiri terrorist outfit ISIL said was part of its imagined State’s Khorasan province.

According to the BBC Urdu News Service, the ISIL in Peshawar has published its dreamed state’s manifesto and urged people in Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province to support their mission to create what they called an Islamic State. It is relevant to add here that Daulat, the word which Western media translated as State doesn’t mean State but it is government or regime which the Daulat-ul-Islamia fil Iraq and Shaam itself uses for their identity.

It was reported by the BBC that 12-pages manifesto of the ISIL had been distributed in Afghan’s refugee camps in Pashto and Dari languages. The copies of ISIL Manifesto were also sent to journalists of Peshawar in which ISIL leader wowed to create “caliphate” and will extend its borders to Iran, Afghanistan and in central Asian states, says BBC report. I

According to the BBC, Taliban in Afghanistan provinces which are located near Pakistan borders also distributed its party manifesto and have announced support and accepted Abu Bakar Baghdadi as their Caliph and distributed its manifesto among Taliban. Some Pakistani Deobandi-Salafi groups which believe in caliphate also supported ISIL.

The BBC in its report quoted Khadim Hussain who said that ISIL could fill the vacuum because people were inspired from extremist religious ideology. Local journalists told the BBC that splinter groups of the Taliban could join ISIL. It is recalled here that news had been published in independent papers that ISIL was being supported by anti-Muslim countries and by Israeli spy agencies with the support of kingdom/ monarchies of Middle East. The reason behind its creation was to create chaos and anarchy in the Middle East region and in other Muslim countries which are opposing imperial agenda of the Western global powers and their allied sheikdoms/kingdoms of gulf countries.
Sunni scholars in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Lebanon and other parts of the world have condemned the ISIL as a takfiri terrorist outfit, brainchild of the U.S.-Israel-led Zionist alliance that wants to defame and weaken Islam and Muslims.


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