Give Karachi for 3 months to us, we shall establish peace,” Difaa-e-Tashayyo Conference

shiitenews Difa e Tashayyo Speakers at a Difa-e-Tashayyo Conference demanded of the government to hand over Karachi to them for three months, they will establish durable peace here.
The demand came at a conference that was held to commemorate the chehlum of martyr Askari Raza at Amroha Ground Karachi. Former Senator Allama Abid Hussain al Hussaini, Allama Nazir Abbas Taqvi, Allama Aftab Haider Jafri, Furqan Haider Abidi and other spoke at the conference.

These scholars were of the views that genocide of Shia Muslims continue under a plan and under government patronage.

They said that Shia Muslims were made victims of terrorism from Parachinar to Karachi. They said that banned terrorist outfits were set free despite the fact that they were involved in the bloodshed of Sunni and Shia Muslims. They warned that if they were not stopped then still more stiff and historic protest would be made.

The religious scholars further said that government has failed to maintain peace therefore Karachi be handed over to them and they would establish peace within three months.

They said that terrorist organizations who pose serious threat to Pakistani security and who have bombed mosques, shrines and imam bargahs are posed as they were responsible for Pakistan’s security. They said this impression is totally incorrect and unacceptable.

They warned that government must stop patronizing the anti-Pakistan and terrorist organization forthwith and arrest all the released terrorists immediately.

The martyr Askari Raza’s daughter said that they would continue the mission of the martyr at all cost. She said the martyrs are assets and their sacrifices must not go in vain.

Thousands of man and women and children participated in the conference. Whole ground was full of public.


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