Iran border guards head asks Pakistan to arrest terrorists

Iran border guards head asks Pakistan to arrest terrorists

Iran border guards head asks Pakistan to arrest terrorists and hand over them to Iran.

Border Guard Commander Brigadier General Qasem Rezaei of Iran said that Tehran expects Pakistan to arrest and hand over terrorists to Iranian border guards.

He said this while speaking to reporters in Sanandaj on Monday.

Iran border guards head

However, Iran Brigadier General Qasem Rezaie also noted that Iran has established good relations with Pakistan.

He cited deployment of some of Pakistani security forces units in the border area.

But he noted that Iran is still witnessing continued terrorist operations.

Border guards head of Iran shared that investigation indicated that the mercenaries were using new US-made equipment to carry out a terrorist attack on Iranian border guards.

He said that the terrorists got those weapons recently.

Meanwhile, IRNA had reported that Iran thwarted suicide attacks in Sistan-Balouchestan although two soldiers sacrificed their lives to foil that.

The deputy commander of Iran’s Border Police  Brigadier-General Ahmad-Ali Goudarzi said this on Monday.

He said so during the funeral procession of a martyred soldier in Qarchak, southeastern Tehran.

He further disclosed that a Sunni Iranian soldier also embraced martyrdom alongside Shia soldier in thwarting suicide bombing.

Goudarzi said that the enemy tried to harm the Islamic System by separating the people from the Islamic Revolution and forcing them to boycot the elections.

But the huge turnout made the US, the UK, and Saudi Arabia angry hence they tried to embitter the victory of the people of Iran, he said.

He further said that from the very beginning of people’s participation in the elections, the enemy tried to enter Iran and create explosions to kill people.



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