FM Shah Mehmood represents Pakistan at US Taliban deal signing ceremony

FM Shah Mehmood represents Pakistan at US Taliban deal signing ceremony in Doha, Qatar.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi confirmed this after Qatar invited Pakistan to the signing ceremony in Doha.

Ambassador of Qatar to Pakistan Saqr Bin Mubarak called on FM Qureshi to extend the invitation.

FM Shah Mehmood represents Pakistan

He met him on behalf of his country’s Foreign Minister.

Foreign minister said Pakistan and Qatar have played a pivotal role in furthering the Afghan reconciliation process.

He said Pakistan welcomes the peace deal between the United States and the Taliban.

He also said it has always remained stance of Pakistan that the Afghan conflict has no military solution.

Notably, FM Qureshi highlighted that now world is accepting Pakistan’s stance.

Moreover, he expressed optimism that the peace deal will lead to intra-Afghan dialogue.

Meanwhile, he termed peace deal between the US and Taliban a major diplomatic victory of Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister said the agreement would bring peace in whole the region.

He vowed that Pakistan would continue to play an important role in uplift of Afghanistan.

The Foreign Minister said some elements were pointing fingers at Pakistan in connection with Afghan crisis.

But now, role of Pakistan is being acknowledged at international level.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said due to certain issues in Afghanistan, Pakistan has focused on its western border, however the situation on eastern border is also a bit sensitive.

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