Governor Sindh rejects propaganda against Zaireen (pilgrims)

Governor Sindh rejects propaganda against Zaireen (pilgrims) who entered from Taftan.

Imran Ismail, Governor Sindh said that some elements played blame game over Taftan Zaireen (the pilgrims who returned from Iran via Taftan border crossing).

He said that it’s wrong to blame aforesaid Zaireen (Shia pilgrims).

Governor Sindh rejects propaganda

Meanwhile, he said that (US) sanctions against Iran are impeding fight against Coronavirus in Iran.

Governor Sindh warned the world to beware of consequences of US sanctions against Iran.

He also alerted that sanctions would result in spread of the pandemic in that country to rest of the world.

Due to that, he urged international community to ensure lifting of all sanctions against Iran.

Imran Ismail cited Prime Minister Imran Khan also made this demand.


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