Govt not allowing Zaireen to return homes despite negative test reports

Govt not allowing Zaireen to return homes despite negative test reports and more than a month long stay at quarantine centres.

Allama Mohammad Afzal Hyderi of Federation of Pakistan Shia Islamic seminaries said this in a statement.

Office of Wifaqul Mardaris al Shia Pakistan issued the statement.

Govt not allowing Zaireen

The eminent senior scholar said that Shia Zaireen spent two weeks at Taftan centre under government’s quarantine policy.

He further said that then the federal government shifted these quarantined Zaireen to provinces’ quarantine centres.

He said that Zaireen from Punjab spent two weeks at Taftan quarantine centre first and then spent 16 days at Multan quarantine centre.

Now, government is not allowing them to return homes even after their negative test reports.

Allama Afzal Hyderi lamented that the higher authorities ordered DC Multan to prolong their stay at quarantine centres although DC had sent vehicles and Zaireen had boarded those vehicles.

He warned the government not to test patience of Pakistani Zaireen because it seems that government has imprisoned these pilgrims.

Meanwhile, he made clear that Shia Islamic jurisprudents have directed their followers to act upon precautionary measures which health department issued to prevent Coronavirus outbreak.

On the other hand, Shia community has condemned the unjustifiable biased policy towards Shia citizens of Pakistan.

They said that the government is victimizing Zaireen at the behest of Saudi monarchy because they see a totally different policy for Tableeghi Jamaat despite their positive Coronavirus test reports.

People of Pakistan also bears witness to the unfair biased state policy that has put Zaireen under government’s quarantine centres for over a month.

But Tableeghi Jamaat brought thousands of foreigners and tens of thousands from across the country at Raiwind congregation.

Now their preaching teams including foreigners spread Coronavirus across Pakistan but they are freely roaming throughout Pakistan.

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