ISO CP assigns duties to ensure SOPs implementation on Youm e Ali

ISO CP assigns duties to ensure SOPs implementation on Youm e Ali.

Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) Pakistan central president (CP) assigned Imamia Scouts to ensure SOPs implementation on martyrdom anniversary of Amir al Maumineen Maula Ali (AS).

ISO CP assigns duties

The CP of the ISO called sacred mourn (azadari) as jugular vein of every Shia Muslim and follower of Quran and Ahl-e-Bayt.

Moreover, he appealed to all to observe precautionary/ preventive measures mentioned in SOPs as an obligatory requirement to join Youm-e-Ali congregations/processions.

He said that Imamia Scouts would also create awareness among participants of mourning congregations/processions regarding the SOPs.

The ISO CP further said that although Coronavirus poses serious threat, people may spend life by strictly following the precautionary/ preventive measures.

He cited that the world countries have opened religious places, etc., while ordering observance of precautionary measures as a must.

Shia Muslims also refer to the holding of en bloc/ congregational prayers such as Taraweeh under SOPs across Pakistan. Hence, they say, they too have right to hold their religious congregations same way.

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