Israeli occupation over Quds Jerusalem termed global human tragedy

Israeli occupation over Quds Jerusalem termed global human tragedy, let alone an issue for Islamic world.

Shia Ulema Council Pakistan leader Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi called illegitimate Israeli occupation over Jerusalem (al Quds) a global human tragedy.

Israeli occupation over Quds

In a statement ahead of International Quds Day, he also cited founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Palestine policy.

He said that Mr. Jinnah had outright rejected Jewish state within Arab majority Palestine. Jinnah had rejected Israel as illegal entity and also called it an aggressor.

Allama Sajid Naqvi stressed need for unity among Muslims for liberation of Palestine, including al Quds (Jerusalem).

He said Muslims can defeat challenges and uphold Islam and Ummah through their unity and united course of action on common points.

Youm-ul-Quds to be observed following the precautionary measures, SUC leader said.

Shia Ulema Council Pakistan general secretary Allama Arif Wahidi made this announcement.

He said that SUC supporters would observe Quds Day to mark solidarity with oppressed Palestinians on a call from SUC leader Allama Sajid Naqvi.

He said they would observe Quds Day on Friday May 22 to express solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.

Supporters of inalienable rights of Palestinians, including liberation of occupied Palestine observe International Quds Day or Youm-ul-Quds.

Originally, Imam Khomeini called for observance of Quds Day.

Iranians became the first nation who observed Quds Day in 1980 while supporters of Palestine cause followed the suit.

Youm-ul-Quds to be observed following the precautionary measures


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