Two Shia Muslims martyred in terrorist attack in Gilgit Naltar Valley

Two Shia Muslims martyred in terrorist attack in Gilgit Naltar Valley where they had gone for picnic during Eid holidays.

Farjad Hussain and Saleem Abbas were boarding a car during the picnic.

Two Shia Muslims martyred

The terrorists attacked them when they were listening manqabat (sort of eulogy) in praise of Ahle Bayt of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (BUH).

Sectarian hatemongering outfit ASWJ (Sipah Sahaba)/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi preaches intolerant ideology of hatred and bias. Due to that, sectarian zealots don’t tolerate other to live his/her line as per one’s own creed.

Such people attacked aforesaid Shia youth. Farjad Hussain embraced martyrdom on way to hospital.

Two young men have died after coming under attack from a group in Naltar Valley of Gilgit district.

Later, Saleem Abbas has also succumbed to the injuries at Provincial Headquarter Hospital, Gilgit.

Police sources said that the incident took place in the upper reaches of Naltar valley. A group of picnickers from Lower Naltar had come under attack.

However, hatemongering sectarian zealots tried to hide fact by claiming that the picnickers from Lower Naltar were playing music in front of a Mosque.

Some alleged that Kareem Gujar, a resident of Upper Naltar village, led the attackers.

Meanwhile, Gilgit-Baltistan chief minister tried to paint the matter as land dispute.

Critics also cite Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman’s sectarian background because in the past he had remained part of that sectarianism-based politics which the attackers continue to follow.

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