Imamia Students Organisation announces Wilayat Week from July 1st to 7

Imamia Students Organisation announces Wilayat Week from July 1st to 7.

The ISO Pakistan’s president Ari Hussain Aljani made this announcement while chairing a virtual meeting of central cabinet of the organisation.

Imamia Students Organisation announces Wilayat Week

He highlighted the humanity-friendly role of Wilayat in the history of humanity and Muslims around the world.

Arif Hussain further underlined role of Wilayat in struggle to liberate oppressed and subjugated people from the yoke of imperialist powers.

He said Wilayat remains root of Shia Islam that has protected oppressed people.

He emphasised that we have to follow defender of Wilayat Allama Arif Hussaini. Moreover, he called for unity of followers of Wilayat to drive the community and the nation out of crisis.

The ISO president was referring to the Wilayat or guardianship of the infallible leader and during occultation of 12th infallible Imam, the guardianship of his successor.

Notably, comprehensively qualified Shia Islamic jurisprudent represents the infallible Imam as his deputy during occultation period.

Hence, Shia Muslims believes in his guardianship in accordance with the teachings of infallible leaders.

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