Pakistan Minister calls for lifting of all sanctions on Iran

Pakistan Minister calls for lifting of all sanctions on Iran, in an exclusive interview.

Federal Minister for National Food Security Syed Fakhr Imam also lauded Iran’s splendid job to contain the locust menace despite US sanctions.

Pakistan Minister calls for

However, he urged for lifting of unfair sanctions because Iran is fighting menaces of coronavirus pandemic and locust at the same time.

Senior Pakistani politician and parliamentarian Fakhr Imam had also served as the 11th Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan from 1985 to 1986.

He has previously worked as the Chairman of Pakistan’s Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir.

He noted Iranians ability and success in mobilizing both human resource as well as material resource to confront the locust threat despite US sanctions.

Fakhr Imam said Iran has done a very efficient and splendid job to contain the locust menace despite the harsh sanctions which the United States imposed.

He said Pakistan hopes Iran would have the opportunity to get the required machines and elements which needed to take on the locust.

While answering a question, the minister recommended that concerned officials dealing with the pesticide must consider Iran’s demand for pesticide sympathetically.

He cited Iran and Pakistan traditionally have had very good relations because both are Muslim countries with long term friendship.

The minister said Pakistan and Iran have always had cordial relations and remained friendly towards each other. He pointed to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people visit Iran from Pakistan.

He emphasised to keep on promoting bilateral Pakistan and Iran relations further between immediate neighbor.


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