International Conference held on martyrdom anniversary of Allama Arif Hussaini

International Conference held on martyrdom anniversary of Allama Arif Hussaini, under the aegis of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen in Islamabad.

Rah-e-Wilayat wa Shohada-e-Watan Conference held in Islamabad to pay tributes to great Shia Islamic leader and great martyr Allama Syed Arif Hussain al Hussaini.

International Conference held on martyrdom anniversary

Hezbollah deputy secretary general Sheikh Naeem Qassem and Popular Mobilization Unit leader Allama Syed Hashim al Hyderi also spoke through video-link.

Moreover, MWM Pakistan secretary general Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari highlighted the thoughts of Allama Hussaini.

Aforesaid speaker lauded services of Allama Hussaini for the sake of Islam, Muslims, unity of Ummah and oppressed humanity.

They called for unity of Muslims and condemned the plots aimed at fanning sectarianism in Pakistan or elsewhere.

Allama Arif Hussaini

Mainstream Shia Islamic claim to follow Allama Hussaini because he gave a clear course of action to oppressed Shia Muslims of Pakistan.

He became the architect of modern mode of Shia political struggle in Pakistan.

But he was not the first Shia Islamic leader.

He succeeded veteran pious Shia Islamic leader and scholar Ayatollah Mufti Jafar Hussain.

Prior to that, Syed Mohammad Dehlvi also led rights struggle for the legitimate Shia Islamic rights.

Finally, enemies got him assassinated on August 05, 1988.

Why Allama Arif Hussaini was assassinated?



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