Eid e Ghadir being celebrated across the world including Pakistan

Eid e Ghadir being celebrated across the world including Pakistan in commemoration of formal declaration of divine appointment of Hazrat Ali as Maula (guardian and leader) by Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) at Ghadir Khumm.

Shia Muslims celebrate 18th Zilhaj as Eid al Ghadir (Ghadeer) to commemorate the appointment of commander of faithful Ali (AS) Ibn Abi Talib as Maula.

Eid e Ghadir being celebrated

They wear new clothes and decorate Shia neighbourhood all over the world. Similarly, they illuminate their mosques, Imam Bargahs, house buildings and streets.

Shia Muslims offer specially recommended prayers and recite supplications in gratitude of God Almighty for divine appointment of Maula Ali.

They revere Maula Ali (AS) as an infallible leader under title of Imamat (leadership) in succession to infallible leadership after finality of Prophethood.

As many as 110 Sahabi (companions) of the last and final Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had narrated this historic declaration regarding Wilayat of Maula Ali (AS).

Almost all known historians and scholars believe in it. Sunni clerics Dr Tahirul Qadri and Tariq Jamil also believe in Wilayat of Amir al Maumineen Maula Ali but they interpret Wilayah it in spiritual sense.

However, Shia Muslims believe in infallible leadership and guardianship of Maula Ali in its entirety.

Shia Muslims observe weeklong celebrations under Wilayat and Imamat Week which begins with Eid-e-Ghadeer celebrations.

Formal announcement of Wilayat (guardianship/ leadership) of Hazrat Ali (AS) by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the Prophet of Islam and last apostle of God give the oppressed humanity a series of divine infallible leadership.

The Prophet of Islam declared in his address to all pilgrims on return from Hajj at Ghadeer-e-Khumm on way back to Medina that: Man Kunto Maulah FaAli-yun-Maulah. He said that Ali (AS) is Maula like himself for his followers and Maula, the Arabic word is used for guardian/leader as well.

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