2 Scholars among 8 Shiites arrested in police crackdown on protestors in Shikarpur

Shikarpur Police of Sindh province launched a crackdown on peaceful protestors were staging a sit-in to protest against the false case registered against 300 Shia Muslims for their anti-takfiris protest some days ago.


The sitters also denounced the biased and pro-takfiri police saying that non-arrest of the remaining takfiri terrorists, named in the FIR and denial to Shiites of peaceful anti-terrorists protest proved the Shikarpur Police was partial and toeing the pro-terrorists line.

Despite crackdown and arrests, Shiites continued their protest. The release of arrested Shia scholars and others was added to their list of demands. They had earlier staged a sit-in to protest against the targeted assassination of Allama Shafqat Abbas Mutahri in Khanpur city of Shikarpur tehsil.

Allama Mukhtar Imami, secretary general of the MWM, warned the Sindh Government, PPP leadership and police authorities that Shia Muslims protest would be expanded to all over the province if the legitimate demands were not met forthwith. They demanded withdrawal of false FIR against 300 peaceful Shia protestors and no such biased step in future.


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