Islamic organisations of Pakistani diaspora ask PM to stop Shia genocide

Islamic organisations of Pakistani diaspora ask PM to stop Shia genocide in Pakistan immediately.

In this regard, Norwegian Tauheed Islamic Centre, Anjuman Hussaini and Markaz Muhibban Ahle Bayt (AS) have sent letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Islamic organisations of Pakistani diaspora ask PM

They have asked the PM Khan to ensure an end to anti-Shia pogrom immediately.

They also condemned takfirism and contemptuous remarks against Ahl-e-Bayt and Sahaba from some individuals.

Meanwhile, Sunni and Shia Ulema belonging to Pakistani diaspora met in Norwegian capital city Oslo.

Director for religious affairs of Anjuman Hussaini Norway Dr Syed Zawwar Hussain Naqvi-led delegation met Sunni clerics at Islamic Cultural Centre in Oslo.

Shia Islamic scholars Allam Syed Qasim Ali Kazmi, Allama S Mustafa Mutahri and Allama Madali accompanied him.

They met Sunni clerics Mehboobur Rehman, Salimullah Alvi, Dr Hamid Farooq, Fazal Hadi and Mohammad Asjad.

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Both sides exchanged views on current developments in Pakistan. They lamented fresh wave of hatemongering sectarianism.

They unanimously rejected sectarianism as threat to unity and solidarity of nation and integration of the country.

However, they also made clear that nobody should incite people against others on the pretext of such acts.

They made it clear that Sunni-Shia riots are against the interests of Islam and Pakistan itself.

Both sides agreed and stressed the need to jointly counter the conspiracy which enemies have hatched against Islam and Pakistan.

خلفائے راشدین اور امہات المومنین کا گستاخ کون



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