Deobandi takfiri terrorists Aftab Nazeer and abettors released on bail

Deobandi takfiri terrorists Aftab Nazeer and abettors released on bail despite running malicious hate campaign through social media platforms.

On the one hand, security agencies and the government officials have accused U.S. and India of fanning sectarianism in Pakistan and on the other, such hatemongering thugs enjoy complete freedom.

Deobandi takfiri terrorists Aftab Nazeer

Lahore High Court Multan Bench has granted bail to Aftab Nazeer who is a notorious terrorist of an outlawed Deobandi takfiri terrorist outfit.

In the past, security agencies had arrested Aftab Nazeer for terror attacks he had perpetrated.

Later, the fifth column came to rescue Deobandi takfiri thug Aftab Nazeer although diligent officials tried their level best to take him to task as per law.

Finally, Aftab Nazeer enjoyed freedom and began preaching ideology of bigotry through social media platforms.

Security officials arrested him but the fifth column again came to rescue him. As per law, court cannot grant bail to those arrested on terror charges.

But, the fifth column don’t insert terror charges in cases of Deobandi takfiri thugs such as Aftab Nazeer.

Together, Sipah Sahaba-ASWJ and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are known as mother of all terrorism since they began organized terrorism across Pakistan.

Al-Qaida created them as their franchise in Pakistan for terrorism. Later, Sipah Sahaba ASWJ-LeJ gave birth to Taliban and all other Deobandi takfiri terror groups.

Now, they have issued a hit list with threats to state institutions and Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Particularly, they demanded immediate release of Qasim Muavia, the Deobandi terrorist of Ludhianvi-Farooqui’s ASWJ-LeJ terror group.

Together with abettors, Qasim Muavia Deobandi takfiri assassinated Punjab Home Minister Shuja Khanzada, a Sunni Muslim.

Deobandi takfiri thugs Ludhianvi-Farooqui

ASWJ’s Ludhianvi continue to lead the terror group and misuse the sacred name of Sahaba to justify terrorism and ideology of hate and bigotry.

Ironically, fifth column within state institutions facilitate him and his entire group due to which authorities concerned don’t take due action to eliminate them.

Now, those fifth column have pressurized some clerics to hold rallies in the name of Sahaba in a bid to divert attention from terror outfits.



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