Enforced disappearance of Shia Islamic scholar Zaheeruddin Babar enters 5th year

Enforced disappearance of Shia Islamic scholar Zaheeruddin Babar enters 5th year as per Islamic lunar calendar.

He was taken into undeclared custody on 18th Moharram, 1438 A.H. (October 2016).

Enforced disappearance of Shia Islamic scholar Zaheeruddin Babar

So far, the captors have not disclosed his whereabouts. As per law, the officials concerned have to allow him his Constitutional and legal right to defend himself in the court of law.

His elderly mother and other family members vainly ran from pillar to post to know his whereabouts.

Zaheeruddin Babar is a qualified Shia Islamic scholar and also social worker.

In 2018, famous intellectual Ayaz Amir also asked the power that be to ensure release of Zaheeruddin Babar

Renowned intellectual, analyst and columnist Ayaz Amir had appealed to the power that be to refrain from enforced disappearance policy.

Ayaz Amir had raised the case of religious scholar Zaheeruddin Babar in a column published in an Urdu daily in which he narrated the background of Mr. Babar.

He wrote Zaheeruddin Babar is a resident of Rawal Bala (Chakwal). He was working for an NGO as a caretaker of a land in Bosal area of Jind (Chakwal).

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The cops of police, elite forces and some others had picked him up from that land and since then his whereabouts have not been made known.

Ayaz Amir argued that if there was any case against him, he should have been produced before court of law. He wrote that such uncalled-for long detention would tarnish the image of security agencies.

He appealed that his case should be considered sympathetically and legal course should be followed. According to him, going to Iraq or Syria by Shia Muslims is not a crime as per Pakistan’s laws.

Zaheeruddin Babar had never ever remained engaged in any case throughout his life, the point that Ayaz Amir also highlighted.

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