Tahir Ashrafi appointed special representative to satisfy Saudi monarchy

Tahir Ashrafi appointed special representative to satisfy Saudi monarchy that has expressed its strong dislike for pro-Turkey foreign policy of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has appointed Deobandi cleric Tahir Ashrafi who originally belonged to outlawed Deobandi takfiri terrorist outfit Sipah Sahaba ASWJ- Lashkar Jhangvi-LeJ groups.

Tahir Ashrafi appointed special representative to satisfy Saudi monarchy

Tahir Ashrafi became darling of Saudi Wahhabi monarchy after he successfully served as Saudi henchman in Pakistan.

Now, the government of Pakistan has accommodated Saudi henchman so that he convinces Saudi monarchy that the Pakistan’s PTI-led government don’t pose challenge to Saudi monarchy.

However, Pakistan regime has conveyed to Saudi regime that Pakistan would not downgrade relations with China over CPEC or on any other issue.

Earlier, On Tuesday, PM appointed quaffed Deobandi cleric Tahir Ashrafi as Special Representative on Religious Harmony with immediate effect.

According to a press release of Prime Minister Office Media Wing, the appointment of Ashrafi would be in honorary capacity.

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Tahir Ashrafi belongs to Deobandi sect and remained affiliated with Deobandi takfiri terrorist outfit Sipah Sahaba, mother wing of Lashkar Jhangvi -LeJ.

He, notorious LeJ ringleader Malik Ishaq and outlawed Sipah Sahaba ASWJ’s current ringleader and takfiri Deobandi thug Molvi M Ahmed Ludhianvi were close friends.

Pakistan’s security agencies shot dead notorious terrorist Malik Ishaq when his abettors had attacked law enforcement cops in a bid to release Malik Ishaq.

Due to undeclared conversion of Pakistan’s Deobandi sect to Saudi Wahhabism, the Saudi monarchy had begun patronizing them in the late 1970s in an organized way.

Saudi Wahhabi monarchy radicalized Deobandis and used them to spread hatemongering divisive sectarianism, violent extremism and terrorism.

Pakistani nation has suffered the most, because of this unholy Deobandi-Wahhabi alliance.

Saudi Wahhabi monarchy owns Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi and his friend (outlawed terror outfit’s ringleader) Molvi MA Ludhianvi as its henchmen in Pakistan.

On Saudi dictation, government of Pakistan gives official positions to Saudi henchmen such as Tahir Ashrafi.

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Saudi regime had sent a chartered plane to pick Tahir Ashrafi from Pakistan and then drop it back. Since then, he is serving on new assignment in Pakistan as a henchman from Saudi Arabia.

Tahir Ashrafi has retained his position the chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) despite revolt against him by Zahid Mahmood Qasmi group in the past. Qasmi had accused him of beneficiary of foreign funding.

Although critics also call him dipsomaniac, he retains post of head of Muttahida Ulema Board Punjab, a government’s body.

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