ASWJ cleric tortures 11-year-old pupil severely at seminary in Uch Sharif

ASWJ cleric tortures 11-year -old pupil severely at seminary in Kotla Sheikhan Uch Sharif, Punjab province.

Deobandi Qari Younus son of Abdul Hakeem is a teacher at the seminary namely Riazul Uloom Zinda Lal Moza Haiderpur.

ASWJ cleric tortures 11-year-old pupil severely at seminary

Mohammad Shafiq, elder brother of Mohammad Hafeez son of Hafiz Shabbir has lodged case with the police and demanded due action against the culprit cleric.

Police registered case under section 328-A on complaint of resident of Kotla Sheikhan Uch Sharif, district Bahawalpur.

Takfiri nasbi Deobandi cleric rapes a teenage boy in Gojra mosque

As per official data, Deobandi clerics from ASWJ Sipah Sahaba and Bralevi cleric from Tehreek Labbaik have been found in child abuse and torture cases the most.

People also accuse them of fanning hatred and bigotry in society.

Sunnis reject Mufti Muneeb and Mufti Taqi Usmani’s ludicrous sectarian narrative

Sunnis reject Mufti Muneeb and Mufti Taqi Usmani ludicrous sectarian narrative. They remind them Pakistan came into being under leadership of Shia Muslim Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistani nation asks Deobandi and Brailvi clerics to refrain from making laughable tall claims because a Shia Muslim is founder and father of Pakistani nation.

Sunni Muslims advised Mufti Muneeb Brailvi and Deobandi Mufti Taqi Usmani to behave like a good citizen of Pakistan, instead of inciting people to bigotry.

Both clerics of rival sects have joined hands to make false claims which Pakistani nation rejected.

Particularly, they reminded Mufti Taqi Usmani that his father Deobandi Mufti Mohammad Shafi had publicly swore allegiance to Shia Muslim founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

پاکستان کے شیعہ مسلمانوں کے آئینی حقوق پر حملہ

Sources said that during a high-level meeting of a high-profile security official of the state, the two clerics tried to blackmail Shia Muslim clerics.

Shia journalist martyred in terrorist attack in Mandi Bahauddin

While commenting over such reports, Sunni Muslims reminded Mufti Muneeb and Mufti Taqi to migrate to Braili and Deoband India to follow ideology of founders of their sub-sect Brailvis and Deobandis if they don’t believe in ideology of Pakistan.


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