Biased police cop detains Shia Muslim due to mourning in Peshawar

Biased police cop detains Shia Muslim due to mourning in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Jan Alam had ordered Wajahat Mir that he must not hold azadari mourning ritual at his house which the latter was hosting to pay homage to Imam Hussain.

Biased police cop detains Shia Muslim due to mourning

Shia Muslim Wajahat Mir refused to accept his threat on legal ground because ASI Jan Alam of Khan Razzaq Shahed Kabuli Police station was violating his Constitutional right.

Wajahat Mir made it clear he would not compromise his religious freedom and fundamental rights.

That point angered ASI Jan Alam who caught him and took him to police station and detained him at police lock up.

Multan police books octogenarian Sunni follower of Imam Hussain

Shia Muslims across Pakistan have complained violation of Constitutionally-guaranteed right of Shia Muslims.

Even like-minded Sunnis who also adore Ahle Bayt of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) suffered from similar maltreatment and harassmen.

Pakistan police violates Constitutionally guaranteed right of Shia Muslims

Shia Muslim hold mourning congregation (Majlis-e-Aza) in his house in Chakwal district’s neighbourhood.

But Saddar police station of Chakwal registered case against the hose for this act because a sectarian fanatic lodged complaint.

Ludicrously, the complainant objected to a private gathering where Shia Muslims gathered to commemorate martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali Zainul Abedin, the third infallible Imam of Shia Islam.

The Constitution of Pakistan recognizes and guarantees Shia Muslim citizens their religious freedom but State institutions deny this right to Shia Muslims.

Chakwal Saddar police refused to obey Constitution and they deny Constitutional right to Shia Muslim that shows their discriminatory and biased mindset.


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