Kabirwala police arrest four Shia notables on order of outlawed terror outfit

Kabirwala police arrest four Shia notables on order of outlawed terror outfit Sipah Sahaba ASWJ in what appeared to sabotage Arbaeen anniversary of Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala.

Biased Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kabir Wala Nosherwan Chandio invited four Shia notables who are playing leading role for Arbaeen anniversary mourning procession in Kabirwala and Abdul Hakeem Area.

Kabirwala police arrest four Shia notables

Shia Muslim notables Adeel Zaidi, Mukhtar Hussain, Jawad Haider and Shafqat Hussain reached there but the DSP also called in sectarian thugs belonging to the outlawed terrorist outfit Sipah Sahaba ASWJ.

Both DSP and the outlawed terror outfit’s ringleaders threatened four Shia Muslim notables to refrain from Arbaeen anniversary mourning procession.

The latter reminded them that outlawed terrorist outfit Sipah Sahaba (which also use names ASWJ and Rah-e-Haq Party) had earlier held two hate rallies in the tehsil Kabirwala, when the biased DSP asked them to get permission from Punjab Home Department.

However, instead of repenting or feeling ashamed, DSP said he was on leave on those days that evoked an instant comment from Shia Muslim notables that then DSP should also go on leave on Arbaeen 20th Safar.

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When they refused to meet illegal and immoral demand, biased DSP Chandio ordered their arrest.

Ironically, biased officials in security agencies overtly patronize or take side of outlawed terrorist groups such as Sipah Sahaba ASW, mother wing of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ).

Due to terrorists, Pakistani nation has lost at least 80,000 people and also suffered from some $ 200 billion losses.

Terrorists enjoy official protocol

Despite such huge losses, terrorist outfits ringleaders such as Deobandi takfiri nabsi clerics Mohammad Ahmed Ludhianvi and Aurangzeb Farooqui enjoy official protocol.

Ambassador of Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosts them at official functions of the monarchy in Islamabad.

In theory, Constitution of Pakistan recognizes fundamental human rights of Shia Muslim citizens but biased pro-LeJ officials don’t respect religious freedom of Shia Muslim citizens, in practice.

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