Sit in protest continues in Multan against witchhunt against Shia Muslims

Sit in protest continues in Multan against witchhunt against Shia Muslims which the pro-Saudi fifth column have ordered.

The officials called Mehr Sakhawat Ali of MWM South Punjab chapter on the pretext of negotiations.

Sit in protest continues in Multan against witchhunt

During so-called meeting at Mumtazabad police station, the police cops arrested him.

Earlier, the biased police also had launched a discriminatory crackdown on innocent Shia Muslims to sabotage peaceful Arbaeen anniversary mourning processions.

On the one hand, por-Saudi fifth column allowed hate rallies of outlawed terrorist outfits and their new facilitator hatemongering clerics and violent extremists.

And on the other, they gagged Shia Muslims and continue to violate Shia citizens’ constitutional rights.

Due to that, supporters of the victims of selective and discriminatory witchhunt have staged a sit-in in Multan.

They are protesting against violation of their fundamental rights and religious freedom and rights.

Meanwhile, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) Punjab chapter secretary general Allama Abdul Khaliq Asadi condemned Punjab police and home department for allowing hate rallies and banning peace rallies.

He rejected Punjab Home Department’s notification that disallows azadari mourning processions.

He made it clear azadars would not tolerate this illegal notification that violates Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of Shia Muslim citizens of Pakistan.


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