Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Hassan being observed

Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Hassan being observed, across the world on 28th Safar.

Shia Muslims mourn the passing anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and martyrdom of Imam Hassan (AS), the second Imam of Shia Islam.

Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Hassan

In Pakistan, Shia Muslims began the sacred mourn from the night between 28th and 27th Safar (the second month in the lunar Hijri calendar).

Millions of Shia Muslim mourners participated in mourning congregations and processions in Shia neighbourhood across the country and rest of the world.

Notably, Shia Muslims have an unwavering faith in finality of Prophethood of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).

Shias adore and revere Hazrat Mohammad as the God’s last Prophet and apostle and first of the 14 infallible whom Shia Islam consider Godly leaders for humanity.

Imam Hassan was elder grandson of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the eldest son of Ali and Holy Prophet Mohammad’s daughter Bibi Fatima Zahra.

He was the elder brother of Imam Hussain (AS).

Shia Muslims adore and revere Imam Hassan as the second infallible Imam.

As per Shia traditions, they mourn the deaths/martyrdoms on anniversaries every year.

However, they celebrate birth anniversaries of 14 infallible, top of them include: Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Ocean of mourners at Chehlum of Imam Hussain anniversary processions across Pakistan



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