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Sindh govt allows outlawed terror outfit to hold event and disallows JDC

Sindh govt allows outlawed terror outfit to hold event and disallows JDC to organise its annual Eid Miladul Nabi celebrations.

People of Sindh province call it hypocrisy of Sindh government that on one hand it had had not permitted JDC to celebrate birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Karachi.

Sindh govt allows outlawed terror outfit to hold event

And on the other, Sindh government issued permission to outlawed Sipah Sahaba – ASWJ terror outfit – mother wing of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi to hold event in Mirpurkhas. Sipah Sahaba uses fake names such as Seerat Committee during the month of Rabiul Awwal.

JDC – Jafaria Disaster Management Cell – is an NGO that serves humanity without any discrimination.

Pakistani nation knows outlawed Sipah Sahaba terrorist outfit as mother of all terrorism in Pakistan since late 1980s.

Allowing the hatemongering preachers of violent extremism (ASWJ-Seerat Committee) and denying permission to JDC has brought a bad name to Pakistan Peoples Party and its Sindh government.

Deobandi sect doesn’t observe birth or death anniversaries but Deobandi takfiri cleric Rab Nawaz Hanafi and his party want to poison Pakistan’s peaceful and cohesive society.

Since they enjoy Saudi support, Pakistan government allows them to continue their activities using fake names.

Sindh govt denies permission to Eid Miladul Nabi programme of JDC

Outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi also uses names such as Rah-e-Haq Party to continue it malicious activities.

While citing this hypocrisy, independent observers conclude that peace and moderation cannot survive in Pakistan due to this criminal nexus between takfiri terrorist outfits and Saudi monarchy.

However, Sindh government and the PPP cannot make any pretext to justify this permission to the terrorists.


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