Police cop seriously injured in ASWJ terrorist attack on Karachi Imam Bargah

A police man was critically wounded in a terrorist attack on an Imam Bargah in Karachi’s district central by Saudi-backed (outlawed) takfiri ASWJ’s nasbi terrorists on Tuesday.

ASWJ’s takfiri nasbi terrorists, who claim themselves Deobandis and are under influence of Saudi Wahhabism, threw a hand grenade, on Imam Bargah known as Babul Ilm in North Nazimabad area of Karachi. They wanted to harm Shia Muslims. Police cop namely Imran sustained fatal wounds and rushed to the hospital.

Shia parties and leaders have condemned another attack on Shia mosque and Imam Bargah situated within the Bab-ul-Ilm premises. Many Shia Muslims embraced martyrdom in takfiri terrorist attacks on Imam Bargah Bab-ul-Ilm and in North Nazimabad and other areas of district central.

Shia leaders demanded elimination of ASWJ terrorist network and their allied outfits to stop genocide against Shia Muslims in Pakistan.


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