Pakistan’ leading Shia party chief supports anti-terrorism military courts

Head of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, leading Shia party of Pakistan, has announced support for the establishment of special military courts for speedy trial of takfiri terrorists.


“It is good news for Pakistani nation that political parliamentary leadership finally agreed to the idea of military courts for two years. It will help timely punishment of the takfiri terrorists,” Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, secretary general of the MWM told the Shiite News when contacted for comments on Sunday.

Meanwhile, speaking to his party’s officials and members at a General Workers Meeting in Karachi, he said, alongside military courts, federal government and provincial governments needed to call in military for counterterrorism operations in all over Pakistan under the article 245 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

“Peace in Pakistan cannot be established without executing the takfiri terrorists through military operations and fair but speedy trial of the ferocious takfiris in military courts because of their threats to civilian forces and judiciary,” he argued.

Allama Jafari further said that on the one hand, takfiris continue genocide against Shiites and on the other, biased and pro-takfiri elements within the state institutions and government inner circles, have imposed a war on innocent Shia Muslims by implicating them in false cases that was tantamount to abet the takfiris in their ongoing campaign of Shia genocide.

Eminent Shia leader vowed that such negative tactics would not engender in reduction of Shia Muslims’ patriotism. He said Shiites of Pakistan would continue to serve Pakistan because Shia Mohammad Ali Jinnah founded Pakistan and other Shia pioneers of Pakistan taught them how to defeat the remnants of imperialism who always wanted to marginalize Shia Muslims because of their revolutionary ideology and struggle throughout history.


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