Allama Sajid Naqvi says peaceful nuclear technology is inalienable right of Iranians

Allama sajid naqviAllama Sajid Naqvi, chief of Shia Ulema Council of Pakistan, has appreciated the dominant position of Islamic Republic of Iran in the talks with P-5+1 in Istanbul.
In an exclusive interview with Iranian official news agency IRNA, he said, Pakistani nation understands that to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes is inalienable right of Iranian nation. He said that all justice-loving people of the world believe in it.
“We Pakistani consider Iran as a role model because Islamic Republic has defended their rights as a real free and sovereign country,” he said.
He said that freedom loving nations should copy the model of Iran to attain their due rights in the comity of nations.
Allama Sajid Naqvi said that imperialistic and arrogant powers used all powers and means to deprive Iran of its due rights but Iranian government and nation foiled all the nefarious designs of arrogant and imperialist powers.
“The nations of the region should support the just and logical stance of Iranian government. They must not allow any power to derail their progress and development in any field,” he urged.
The SUC chief said that French President Nicolas Sarkozy lost president election because he was pursuing incorrect and unjust policies about Muslim nations and in particular about Iran.
He expressed hope that newly elected President would chalk out correct and fair policies and would discontinue the path of his predecessor.


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