Terrorist party’s provocative graffiti in Karachi

SSP-ChokingThe activists of banned terrorist party Sipah-e-Sahaba wrote provocative graffiti in Karachi on Monday.
Taking the advantage of their rally on main M.A. Jinnah Road, the activists wrote graffiti throughout the route of the rally.

Banned terrorist outfit enjoy freedom to hold public meetings, rallies and wrote provocative graffiti despite the fact that government had declared them outlawed outfit.

Banned Sipah-e-Sahaba always used provocative language to declare Muslims as infidels. In particular, they have launched anti-Shia pogrom across Pakistan.

Almost all the Shia organisations have condemned the anti-Constitution graffiti. They criticized the government for allowing the terrorist party to stage rallies and provocative graffiti.

Islamic laws and constitution of Pakistan don’t allow such activities. The provocative graffiti was an open violation of legitimate inalienable rights of Pakistan’s Shia citizens.


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